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Our Medical Team...The Key To Our Success

Board of Directors

Four partners elected to lead the group. These partners are responsible for the day to day and month to month operation of the group. They receive regular updates from the Site Directors, EMS Coordinator, and Residency Liaison and provide direction to the partnership as well as opinions about important staffing, financial, marketing, billing, and growth related topics. The partnership then has the opportunity to vote on topics of significant importance. The board has the ability to make decisions and carry out daily duties without a vote of the partnership on issues of lesser importance.

President: Greg DiFrancesco, MD
Vice President: Scott Belote, MD
Treasurer: Michael Milice, MD
Secretary: Michael Mineo, MD


The democratic structure allows each partner a vote on issues that require a referendum vote. The partnership also is included in profit sharing and loan repayment.

Site Director

The Site Director is involved with, and responsible for, the daily operation at their hospital. They are the liaison to each of the physicians that work at that site for all hospital related issues, and report back to the Board of Directors regularly. Physician and PA/NP questions about hospital issues should be directed to the Site Director.

EMS Coordinator

The EMS Coordinator is responsible for the oversight of all EMS related topics within the group. There are several monthly meetings in the community and at the university that they will attend. The coordinator also provides regular updates to the Board of Directors, and relays important information from the EMS community to all of the FDR staff. FDR will require guidance on EMS topic from time to time and will receive this from the EMS Coordinator.

Residency Liaison

The responsibility of the Residency Liaison is to lead FDR in the teaching of students and residents that rotate at Brooks Memorial as part of the SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine and Emergency Medicine Residency. They are responsible for attending the Education Committee meetings on a monthly basis, assisting the residency in the interviewing process, and participating regularly at Grand Rounds.

Equal Employment Opportunity

FDR Medical Services is an equal opportunity employer.

It is our policy to recruit, hire, and support individuals without regard to race, religion, sex/sexual orientation, or disability (except where the disability prevents one from performing the essential job functions for which they are hired).